Lordhair was founded by the current CEO, Jeff Gao, in 2006. He is a local man from Qingdao, China who made the brand what it is today. The inspiration behind the brand name comes from the word “lord”, which represents elegance, sophistication and power. The name is also a representative of the fact that we are seeking to become the market leader in the hair system industry.

Our clients

Our non surgical hair replacement systems and accessories are shipped to more than 180 countries. Loved by individuals and salons alike in the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, and India, our hair systems are rated highly by customers who keep coming back for more. Our focus on quality, customization, and after-sales support makes us the best supplier of hair replacement systems in the world. 

Our Values

We are currently striving to deliver the concept of “For A Better You” to our customers and clients. Our focus on customization, variety, quality, and customer service is a reflection of how we feel about each and every one of our customers. They are as unique as the pieces we create for them and we are grateful to be part of their transformation. We have created a rich and unique brand image. 


Our Motivation

At Lordhair, we want every man and woman to walk with confidence, and we understand that hair can play a large role in that. Our wide array of natural, high-quality and customizable hair solutions promise a perfect, stylistic and physical fit, for a better you.


Our Project

We're always working on something. Most of the time, we're focused on getting results for our clients. But every so often we get the chance to experiment with new concepts and ideas.

Our Story

Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with it. Today, we’ve grown into something big.

Our Mission

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping more people like you, every day.

Work with us

Ready to discuss your project or want to learn more about how we can collaborate? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do for you.


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 Lordhair Co. Ltd
 Queensbury House 106 Queens Road
 Brighton BN13XF United Kingdom

United States

How Much Does Hair System Cost?

Where to buy a good quality men's hair system? Looking for high-quality toupee wigs? LordHair,the right choice! LordHair has been committed to non-surgical hair replacement for men who have suffered from hair loss, sparse hair, and baldness for many years,don’t need to move other parts hair of your head ,to cover your lack of hair.So that you no longer need to undergo painful surgery, expensive surgery. Our cheap hair system for men can solve your problems, and these men's hair piece wigs can help you solve your problems.

In order to give back to customers, LordHair has specially launched a super skin hair system with the lowest price but great quality!

This best hair replacement system, uses V-looped and has a natural hairline. The ploy skin base will not cover the color of the skin on top of your head,close likes your own hair. Men’s poly skin hair system will bring your youth back and regain self-confidence without affecting your daily life, whether you work,sleep or play, swim or take a bath.

The super skin hair system is made of 100% human hair. The degree of fusion of your own hair is incredible, it is perfect! Unlike other cheap chemical fiber hair wigs, LordHair's human hair skin system feels real to the touch, the mens hair piece wig will ensures your completely real and natural appearance.

How much does the Super Skin Hair System cost?

The holes on the super Poly skin base can make you not worry about breathing problems on the top of your head. Even 0.08-0.12mm strong, it keeps breathable under the premise of being strong and durable! Your scalp will not be stuffy and it will overturn your skin system. An airtight impression of stuffiness on the head. With such an amazing price and a super skin hair system that meets your many needs, Extraordinary shopping experience!

Hollywood male stars and political figures from various countries also choose high-quality men's hair system and hair piece toupee wigs. Non-surgical hair replacement has no risks, no pain, no high surgical fees, and no need to reduce hair on other parts of your head. LordHair provides a variety of hair styles for men's hair system, after wearing the hair piece toupee allowing you to maintain a completely real look . Natural, real and low cost, LordHair is not the majority of men who are losing hair or bald to regain their confidence and no more pain! Use LordHair Super Skin Hair Replacement System to maintain your male self-esteem and perfect image, handsome, sunny, and mature, you have them, no more expensive and painful risky surgery!

The human hair men's skin system of LordHair and toupee hair piece wig can be shipped at any time, and LordHair promises to provide a money back guarantee within one month! Yes, our Super Skin System has a 30-day money-back guarantee! No worry shopping. If you are not satisfied with this hair system, you will get a refund.

Our super skin hair system can be tailored for every man, giving every male customer the best shopping experience. LordHair's mission is to provide the best quality hair system with the best service, and make every effort to help every man who needs hair replacement. Our Super Skin Hair System is high-quality human hair without any adverse reactions after wearing it!

LordHair provides men's hair system and toupee hairpieces with various styles, sizes, colors, bases, super skin V-looped hair system, lace hair system, mono hair systems, etc., non-surgical hair replacement to meet various needs. Our hair piece toupee will be designed in size according to your head needs, so that you can wear LordHair's hair system most comfortable, perfectly fit your head to reflect the natural appearance, and prevent people from discovering that you are wearing toupee wig.

Still be anxious to find a spare toupee wig that you need urgently? Still be worried about the price increase caused by the tight supply of men's hair pieces? the best hairpieces for toupee hair!